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Binding deadlines, high quality closures

15 years of experience in making appointments

Satisfied employees

Specific industry knowledge

Compliance & data security

Gowsika (Teamleader)

Every company needs new customers, including yours. But systematically generating new customers can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why we’ll take it from here: Whether you need to arrange appointments for your sales team, or direct telesales – we deliver the results: in the form of binding appointments with high conversion quality.

You set the goals, together we determine the course of action and we close. Our service always comes tailor-made and perfectly fits your requirements. You determine the scope of our sales support:

Our customer consultants are genuine sales professionals and acquisition specialists. We also have the perfect infrastructure and the necessary tools for customer acquisition.

We bring you new customers!

Do you have any questions?

We will gladly advise you.

Derek Bollag

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  • Up to 25 % conversion rate
  • 15 years of telemarketing experience
  • Satisfied employees
  • High consulting competence
  • Strategic partnership
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  • Up to 25 % conversion rate
  • 15 years of telesales experience
  • Satisfied employees
  • Specific industry knowledge
  • High consulting competence
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