We offer Swiss call center services in customer service, dispatching service, help desk and telemarketing.. We do so gladly and with great dedication and we are great at what we do. Of course, that in itself does not necessarily make us the ideal partner for you. The following are ten good reasons in our favor. Our customers agree.

Derek (Owner & CSO)

Satisfied employees

We are convinced that our employees make all the difference – with their willingness, passion and commitment. Our “SMILE” employee-centric performance management system is based on giving meaning, motivation and enthusiasm and is firmly anchored in our mission statement. Well-founded induction, targeted training, individual coaching by experienced team leaders and cooperation with quality experts ensure a high level of employee satisfaction with constant top performances. The management magazine cmm360 agrees, which is why it awarded us the “Employee Focus Award” in 2021.

«Our high levels of employee satisfaction and commitment have a very positive impact on call quality and performance.»
Johann-Josef Jossen

Specific industry knowledge

We understand your industry. Over the past 15 years, we have worked for companies in all relevant sectors and acquired specific knowledge in each of them.

For example, we are aware of the sensitivity required in dealing with existing customers, comply with all confidentiality aspects when communicating with bank and insurance customers, but also understand the need for directness when communicating with tradespeople and a solution-orientated approach to handling customer inquiries on eGov portals.

«Our sector especially requires specialized knowledge. Callpoint brings this to the table and uses it profitably for us.»
Philippe Voyame

Compliance & data security

Regulatory requirements, especially for eGov, banking/finance and pharmaceutical projects, have become increasingly demanding in recent years. Thus, we pay the closest attention to protecting your data and strictly following industry-specific compliance requirements. We achieve this through targeted training and awareness-raising among our employees at all functional levels. Our size and financial stability, in-house specialist experts and vast experience in regulated projects help us achieve this.

«We have found Callpoint to be a professional and securely organized partner. Great collaboration!»
Raphael Raetzo

Extensive experience

15 years of inbound and outbound experience, 300 active customer relationships, thousands of projects, countless hours on the phone and millions of customer interactions: our wealth of experience informs our actions for you today. The constantly high demands, strict regulatory and legal requirements, multi-channel concepts and customized customer solutions round off our experience, making us the preferred call center provider in Switzerland.

«No matter how specific the requirements, Callpoint has the experience and delivers results.»
Marcel Jäggi

Certified quality

Standardized quality assurance concepts, certified management system according to ISO 18295:2017, regulated procedures, excellent performance management systems and standardized training and further education processes guarantee consistent quality at the highest level, best performance and satisfied customers.

«Callpoint has been maintaining a certified management system according to ISO 18295 for years, focusing on three strategic stakeholder groups: clients, end customers and employees. It is a pleasure to see that Callpoint is able to realize further relevant improvements every year and consistently maintain its high level of quality, transparency and social responsibility.»

Berenike Schmidt
Leitende Auditorin, Schweizerische Vereinigung für Qualitäts- und Management-Systeme (SQS)

«Callpoint delivers consistently high quality and performance. We are highly satisfied.»
Martin Egger

High IT and technology competence

Our employees work with over 40 IT systems of our clients: from CRM, ticketing to ERP systems (including Salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, AS400). We meet the very high competence requirements for IT and technology: Thanks to our in-house IT team of six experienced specialists, targeted further training, and our many years of cooperation with leading IT and telephony partner companies. Their infrastructure and our expertise result in maximum efficiency and optimal data flow.

«Callpoint is familiar with our systems. This allows us to work efficiently, from day one.»
Silvio Kaufmann

Full flexibility & scalability

A large talent pool, the capacity to shift employees internally and direct access to the labor market through our staffing subsidiary offer you maximum flexibility and scalability. With us, you can effortlessly compensate for unforeseeable developments, fluctuating volumes, failures and fluctuations and guarantee continuity and quality.

«Seasonality is inherent in our business. Callpoint takes care of resources, even during peaks.»
Jean-Jacques Toffel
Die Schweizerische Post

Transparent costs

Our quotations are clear and understandable, and so are the invoices. There are no hidden costs with us, although we can provide various billing models. We charge flat rates, on an hourly basis, but also gladly on a performance-oriented basis. A clear ROI analysis gives you the necessary peace of mind before the start of the project.

«Callpoint's billing is transparent and the prices are very fair. Their ROI focus helps.»
Christian Storz

Strategic partnership

As well as temporary one-off projects, we also offer long-term partnerships. Jointly developed procedures, regular contact and mutual knowledge transfer increase performance as well as first contact resolution, reduce costs and make us a strategic partner for your inbound and outbound needs.

«Our long-standing strategic partnership with Callpoint minimizes friction losses and interfaces. It is as if they were an internal division of ours.»
Daniel Billo
AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG

High advisory expertise

Comprehensive consulting is essential, especially when implementing outsourcing projects or expanding from partial to full outsourcing (BPO). Our specialists in technology, processes, user experience, workforce management and compliance support you in the pre- and post-project phases and during implementation – which is something our customers really appreciate. Our management has over 100 years of call center experience.

«The professional consulting during the planning and implementation of our outsourcing project was extremely helpful. Callpoint has a lot to offer in this respect.»
Jordan Bellazzini
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