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Ruth (Customer Consultant), Nick (Quality Expert), Rina (Customer Consultant)

Working at Callpoint

Customer advisors work at our call centre, usually in an open-plan office or also from home. They are the direct and personal contact for our clients, handling a variety of concerns. A distinction is made between inbound and outbound customer advisors. While the former take incoming calls in the context of customer care, the latter call the customer or prospect on their own initiative to promote or sell products or services. Working as a customer advisor at Callpoint offers flexible working hours, development opportunities, a good salary and many other benefits!

Callpoint as an employer

We are looking for you.

We look forward to meeting you and have a lot to offer.

Are you ...

… communicative, resilient and do you enjoy direct customer contact? Then join us, because you can earn good money just by talking. You support and inspire customers by using your expertise to quickly solve their problems. It’s fun and you will develop, becoming a dialogue expert.

Your advantages

at Callpoint AG

You have little experience - no problem

Would you like to make a career change or you have not finished your vocational training yet? No problem. We’ll develop your communication and customer service skills. If you enjoy this, you even have the option of completing an apprenticeship as a call centre agent.

We are also at home

We live a modern, hybrid working model. With us, you can work with your colleagues at the office whenever you want, but you can also work from home. We grant you maximum freedom according to your individual needs so that you don't miss out on time spent with your family, friends or on your studies.

Enjoy a good, secure income with us

You depend on a regular income. We offer you annual working hours, which means that you don't have to work the same amount every week. However, your earnings are the same every month.

You want to finance your studies

Your focus is on your studies. But you need money to finance them. Looking for a cool and flexible way to earn money? Then you've come to the right place!

You can work flexibly

You have other goals and priorities in life and want to be able to work flexibly. We take your plans and commitments into account and find flexible solutions for your work assignments. Part-time work? No problem.

We are your springboard

With us, you will develop your capacity to inspire people with your communicative skills. We help you turn this strength into money and develop you into an expert in customer dialogue and customer service. This competence is crucial in the professional world and will open doors for you - at Callpoint and beyond.

We are healthy

You will meet colleagues here who are interested in you as an individual and who care about your mental and physical health. We want to know how you are doing and support you in feeling well, healthy and alert.

We brighten up everyday life

Every single working day you are contacted by numerous people who need you and your help. So every day you have countless opportunities to brighten up the everyday lives of many people.

We take care of your SMILE

Our employees make the decisive difference - with pleasure, commitment and heart and soul. That is why you, your well-being and your satisfaction are at the heart of our activities at all times. We offer the SMILE guarantee!

We are “on”

You can reserve your desired workstation at the office with just one click, and you are in constant contact with your colleagues via messaging or video services. Read, post, like and share Callpoint stories directly on our own Insta channel - you're definitely on with us.

We protect the environment

We only have this world and have to take good care of it. Our company lives and breathes environmental awareness, and you could be a part of it. We pay attention to economical energy consumption, do not use disposable tableware, separate our waste as a matter of course and offer you healthy, regional catering.

We provide good vibes

We are a company and also a big family. For us, every employee is equally important and values such as fairness, respect and tolerance are not just empty words. And of course, you can also celebrate with us: at team events, the summer party, the company party, etc.

We are here for you

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time, we will answer your questions.

Marion Sägesser
HR Senior Recruiting
Pietro Certo
HR Senior Recruiting
Samuel Ryter

Staff comments

What do your colleagues say?

Manuel (Team Leader & Sales Trainer)
"The job is never boring, even after 5 years"
Karin (part-time customer advisor)
"We have a great team and plenty of laughs"
Dalila (Customer advisor & career changer)
"I have always felt very well looked after"
Jirawan (Customer advisor & career changer)
"Callpoint is like a second home"


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